Online Marketing for Small Businesses & COntractors

Boost your Online Presence.


Our Range

We strive for the best value for money in everything we do and we do A LOT!

We create websites that are designed to reflect your brand, acquire customers and most importantly, to make sales!

Our web design services are modern, conversion focused and the best part? They are affordable.

We specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creating lasting strategies that are designed to get your website found by the people who are looking for you.

Once you have a sleek website, you need to have a strategy to acquire traffic. SEO is still the most surefire way to get long term & consistent leads and we specialize in getting you to the first page!

We are able to assist in any phase of your social media marketing plan. Content ideas, content creation, post scheduling, & overall campaign management.

No matter what platform, we will figure out the best strategy to reach your customers.

We will source high quality blog articles, infographs, videos, & other pieces of content in order to provide you with content to display on your website and social media platforms.

All content is created with SEO in mind. Our content will serve to provide you with fuel to organically boost your business.

Reputation management is vital for high-profile individuals and companies.

A companies reputation is vital and we assist in harvesting client feedback and intercepting negative remarks before they hit review sites like Google & Yelp. Our campaigns are automated to your client's email & text messages so you no longer have to beg for reviews.


We Will Clarify You

We give you the full administrator access. So you have the opportunity to customize the content yourself at any time. If that’s too much for you, we’ll do it for you in the future.

Often websites with limited access are offered to sell support afterwards. This does not match our business practices.

First we make an appointment in which we will talk over the phone. 

Then we will ask you questions in order to understand your company, you brand & your goals.

We will then provide you with our insight & opinions about what the most effective & efficient services would best help your company to reach it’s goals.

If you like it, great! If not, we will listen to your feedback and try to find the perfect solution for all parties involved.

It does not matter, we can develop the website for your existing hosting (as long as they meet the minimum requirements). If you do not have a hosting or domain, we can help you to find and sign up for the optimal package. Your business e-mail (eg can also be set up for you free of charge.


Our Websites

MTM develops the websites according to the latest standards. Ideal for individuals, start-ups or SMEs.

A creative website gives the customer the idea that the company is also imaginative and modern. 

A well designed website gives the customer a feeling of trust & comfort that allows them to move forward in the sales process with your company.

Premium development

Our designs are all modern and created with sales & conversions in mind. Constant feedback & tweaks to the site will allow you to steer us to the site of your dreams.


Websites are unique and no 2 websites should be the same!. We are eperienced in setting up added features like E-Commerce, Forums & More.

Low maintenance effort

We develop a layout that is suitable for all end devices. In today's times, websites that work on a smart phone are a must!

Retina Done

We will use top quality images and insure that they are displayed in a crisp HD quality.
Images are processed using lossless compression to not impact your site load times.


All of our websites are designed on the WordPress CMS and training is provided to be as user friendly as possible,

Optimized for Google

We understand and will create a website that is able to properly communicate with Google so that your website is indexed in organic Search.