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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Website

The world of online business is changing rapidly, and business owners need to adapt to the new environment. At the same time, there are some basic principles that are still as relevant as they ever were. Here are just 7 of the essential elements of a business website.

Here are the 7 web design mistakes that any business should avoid.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Website 1

#1 – Not Having a Clear Objective

Every business website should know precisely what it stands for. This means that it addresses the problems that the site visitors actually have. Without a clear objective, the site is sure to get mixed results, at best. Whether you are selling a physical product, an eBook, or just trying to generate information, the objective must be clear.

If your website doesn’t have an objective, then its impossible to be successful.

#2 – Not Using Obvious Call to Actions

Every business is about sales. But for some reason, many business owners feel that the call to action should be ‘subtle’ or not ‘in the face’ of the customer. This is an awful decision to make. If you believe in your company, then you should believe that the customer really needs to purchase the product to enhance their lives. So make the call to action obvious and don’t be ashamed about making sales – the purpose of the business and the foundation of the capitalist economy.

Make sure that you are telling the customer EXACTLY what they should do next. Once you do that your conversion rates will improve.

#3 – Not Displaying Social Proof

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Website 2

Customers trust other customers far more than authority ratings from centralized outlets. Due to this, platforms such as Trust Pilot are very successful. Social proofs are also the basis of the Amazon marketplace, where the reviews of other people is a large determinant in making sales. Successful business websites will have a large number of independently verified social proofs. Statistically, social proofs have been proven incredibly effective.

The more social proof the better! Make it impossible for someone to visit your website and not see at least a couple examples of social proof.

#4 – Hard to Find Contact Information

All small business pages should include contact information. Like the call to action, this should be clear and easy to find. As simple and obvious as this is, many sites can make it difficult to locate this information. And when information is difficult to locate, customers click elsewhere.

Make it as easy as possible for the customer to contact you no matter what part of your website they are on.!

#5 – Not Showcasing the Story Behind the Business

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Website 3

All business sites should have a story about the business. Usually, this can be found on the “About Us” page. This shows that the business is made of unique people with a goal and vision. People buy into this goal and vision, also as much as the products and services on offer.

Marketing is all about storytelling and your website is no exception.

#6 – Not Having a Mobile Friendly Design

There is no excuse for failing to have your website mobile optimized. Mobile shopping now eclipses desktop shopping and has since 2015. So your mobile optimization is actually more important than your desktop design. Despite these trends, many small business websites do not optimize for mobile and their customers have difficulty checking out and viewing the information.

Look it’s 2019… if I have to pinch and zoom in with my fingers to start reading your site then we have a problem!

#7 – Not Having a Plan to Get Traffic

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Website 4

Every business web page needs customers on its site. And these customers need to be highly converting traffic, already interested in the product. This is best done with an organized plan and a good marketing strategy. Customers do not just navigate to websites on their own. They need to be directed and attracted.

You could have the best website in the world but it will mean NOTHING unless you find ways to get people to visit it.

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